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Product Details
 Company : Labh Group Of Companies
Product Name : Candy Plant Regular
Brand Name : LABH   Place of Origin : India  
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Product Description :

Candy or Sweet is the most popular type of confectionery over the world, and there is certainly something about this unique product that holds many mysterious qualities. Generally candies are available in fruit based flavors or Milk based flavor and some times with centre filling also. While we often think about candy as a food for children, we all know that adults love this delicious food as well.

Manufacturin- g Process:

Candy manufacturing is a simple process. The candy mass is cooked by vacuum batch cooker or continuous vacuum cooker. The cooked mass is collected on water circulating cooling table for cooling. At this stage colour, flavour and other ingredients are added to the batch. The mass is then passed through rotary Kneading machine to ensure uniform distribution of ingredients in a hygienic way. Once candy mass is cooled and mixed properly it is then transferred to the batch former which rolls the batch into a uniform mass and is fed to the rope sizer to form a uniform rope of the required size. This rope is then fed into the candy forming machines where candies are formed in required shape, size and weight. The formed Candies are discharged on the cooling conveyor which cools them so that they may be wrapped and packed further. The formed candies after cooling are packed by packing machine like pillow pack, single twist or double twist machine.

Machine Model List:

a) Processing Machines:

1. LC-01: Batch Homogenizer

2. LC-21: Vacuum batch cooker

3. LC-23 : Continuous Vacuum cooker

4. LC-51: Cooling Plate

5. LC-61: Rotary Kneading machine

6. LC-62: Vertical Pulling machine

7. LC-63: Horizontal Pulling machine

8. LC-101: Batch former

9. LC-102: Rope Sizer

10. LC-111 : Rost-o-plast forming machine

11. LC-113: Uniplast forming machine

12. LC-115 : Chain type forming machine

13. LC-202: Three way cooling conveyor

b) Packaging machines:

1. LX-261: Automatic Pillow packing machine for Candies.

2. LX-266: Automatic Single twist wrapping machine for candies.

3. LX-268: Automatic Double twist wrapping machine for candies.

4. LX-270: Roll Wrap packing machine for candies.

5. LX-54: Automatic Pouch packing machine with 4 Head linear weigher for packing of candies in pouches.

6. LX-55: Automatic Pouch packing machine with 10 Head combinational Multi head weigher for packing candies in pouches.

7. LX-606: Semi Automatic filling machine with single head weigher to fill candies in pouches.

8. LX-04: Automatic Pouch packing machine with vibratory filler to pack candies in pouches.

9. LX-652: Automatic Band sealing machine with conveyor to seal pouch after filling candies.

Available Plant Capacity:

1. Candy plant with 1 ton per 8 hour shift capacity

2. Candy plant with 2 ton per 8 hour shift capacity

3. Candy plant with 3 ton per 8 hour shift capacity

4. Candy plant with 5 ton per 8 hour shift capacity

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