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Help :: Membership of Akoma Trade Membership of Akoma Trade


How do I become a member?


What are the membership benefits?


What is 'My Akoma'?


How do I sign in and sign out?
Editing and Deleting a Product Entry.
  How do I become a member?
    Become a member of Akoma Trade by completing our online registration form. There is no reason to delay - registration is FREE.

Confirmation of your new membership will be sent to you by email within 24 hours. You may then use the confirmed username and password to access all the services.

» Free Membership Details:
  • Post 1 Product.
  • Post 1 Trade Lead.
  • Contact Buyers & Sellers Directly.
» Premium Membership Details:
  • Post 10 Product.
  • Post 10 Trade Lead.
  • Contact Buyers & Sellers Directly.
  • Respond To Trade Leads.
  • 24 X 7, 365 days, Online Product Showroom.
» Verified Membership Details:
  • Post Unlimited Products.
  • Post Unlimited Trade Leads.
  • Your Complete Business & Company Profile.
  • Contact Buyers & Sellers Directly.
  • Respond To Trade Leads.
  • Company Detail Includes Company Logo.
  • Feature Products On Rotation In Category Section.
  • 24 X 7, 365 days, Online Product Showroom.
  • Company Verification Through Third Parties.

Click JOIN to register now as a new member.
What are the membership benefits?


Your products and services will be listed on www.akoma-trade.com Benefit from your own online showroom, open 24 hours a day.

Your existing and potential customers may also browse a full company profile.

Any enquiries may be forwarded to you via your pages on www.akoma-trade.com or email address.
  What is 'My Akoma'?
    'My Akoma' is your online integrated business assistant presenting you with all the tools and functions you may use at Akoma Trade. From here, you can access and manage all of your information in the following sections:

  Trade Leads Trade Leads
    Post, edit, repost and delete your offers in Trade Leads.
    Directory / Company Company
    Create and edit your own company profile.
    Product Showcase Product Showcase
    Store and manage your product details:

      1). Akoma Verified members can add unlimited products which will be displayed in the Product Showroom.

      2). Free members can store one product which may be displayed online.

  Editing and Deleting a Product Entry
To edit or delete a product entry from the listing on Akoma Trade, click to select 'Remove/Display Products'. To edit a product entry, simply click on the product name. To delete a product, check the box alongside the product name and click 'Delete' at the top or the bottom of the listing.
    My Trade Activity
    When you become a member of Akoma Trade, you will have access to a page that tracks your trade activity. This page can be found in the 'My Akoma' section, under 'Trade Activity'

This page will track activity whether it is 'activity in' or 'activity out'. Whether you have requested details of products posted on Akoma Trade by other members, or whether members are requesting details of your own products - this page provides you with the information you need.
    My Account
    Enables you to edit and update your Akoma Trade registration information. You may also modify your password here.
  How do I sign in and sign out?
    Sign In

To sign in, simply click the 'Sign In' link on the menu bar. You will be asked to enter your username and password.
    Forgotten Your Password?
    If you forget your password, click on the link below the Sign In box. You will be asked to answer a secret question. The question and answer were previously entered during registration.

Once you have responded correctly, a random password will be generated for you and sent to your email account. We recommend that you change it as soon as possible.

If you have forgotten the answer to your secret question, please send an email to support@akomatrade.com and enter the phrase "Sign In Problems" in the subject line.
    Sign Out
    Always ensure that you sign out of Akoma-trade.com before closing your browser window. This will protect the confidentiality of your username.
Help :: Trade Leads Trade Leads


What are Trade Leads?
  Searching and Viewing Trade Leads on Akoma Trade
  Posting Trade Leads
  Reporting and Deleting Trade Leads
  Responding to Trade Leads
  What are Trade Leads?
    Trade leads are classified advertisements that you can post or view on www.akoma-trade.com. There are many types of trade leads and to name just a few, include agricultural offer, dealer offers or products to sell. For instance, if you are searching for dealers to distribute your products you may post a trade lead with this and other relevant information.
  Searching and Viewing Trade Leads on Akoma Trade?


There are several ways to browse the trade leads. One, is to simply use the Search functions provided on Akoma Trade. Enter your keywords into the ‘Search’ box and click ‘Go’. Alternatively, you may enter more information into ‘Advanced Search’.

However, a more focused search can be carried out. As every trade lead is added, it is defined as either a Product or a Service. Each lead is then further defined with a list of industries. This enables you to drill-down and browse a relevant category.

From the home page, click to select the ‘Trade Leads’ menu tab. Then, click to ‘New Trade Leads’ or All Trade Leads. You are now presented with a Featured Trade and a list of links for the categories. By choosing a category you may browse all posted leads that are relevant to your search.

Once you have found a lead that is useful, you may print the page for future reference.
  Posting Trade Lead?

From the home page, click to select 'Trade Leads' and then from the subcategory list, choose 'Post Seller Trade Lead, Post Buyer Trade Lead, Post Partnership/Investment, Other Trade lead. When you have completed the form, click 'Add' to submit the lead.

Please note that only www.akoma-trade.com members are permitted to post trade leads.
  Reporting and Deleting Trade Leads

Once trade leads are posted, manage them easily via your 'My Akoma' page. You may repost leads with modifications or delete unwanted leads.

Trade leads should be regularly reposted to keep the information current.
  Responding to Trade Leads

When you wish to respond to a trade lead you must click to select the 'Send Inquiry' button under the detailed description of the lead.

This link will launch your 'My Akoma' page and you may send a message to the member who posted the lead.
Help :: Directory Company Profile

All members can list their company profile on Akoma Trade.com AT NO CHARGE.

With an entry in the Akoma Directory, you are able to provide basic information about your company, potential partners and customers. Other users of the site can then locate your company through the Akoma search engine. Join Akoma’s directory today and start broadening your business reach immediately.

To create your company profile, use ‘My Akoma‘ and click to select ‘Edit Company Profile‘ on the submenu within the directory section.

  Browse and search for information about companies in the Akoma Trade Directory, an online company database that can be used to target potential trading partners worldwide. Akoma Trade members can add their own company profile to the directory for free.
    Browse the Directory

To find relevant profiles, search using one of the following methods:
    1. Enter keywords in the search box. For example, you may enter a company name or a company web address.
    2. Browse through Akoma Trade's industry categories.For example, to find information about Apples, search the 'Agriculture' industry category, and select the 'Fruit' category to view all companies listed.
    Once you have found a profile that is useful, you may print the page for future reference.
Help :: Product Showcase Product Showcase
  Product Entries
    As a free member, you may store up to one product which may also be displayed in the Akoma Trade Product Catalogue.As a premium member, you can store 10 products which will be displayed online.As an Akoma verified member, you can store unlimited products which will be displayed online.
  Viewing Product Entries
    You may search for products entered on Akoma Trade in two ways:
    Enter a keyword in the 'Search' box and select to search in Products.
For example, enter the word 'shoes' in the search box and click 'Search'. You will then be presented with a listing of appropriate products.
    Search via the Akoma Trade Marketplace.
For example, to browse all pineapple products, first click on the Product Showcase. Then select the industry 'Agriculture' and the subcategory 'Fruit'. You will then be presented with a listing of all relevant pineapple products.
    Once you have found a product listing that is useful, you may print the page for future reference.
  Posting a Product Entry
    To post a product on Akoma Trade, click to select 'Post Products' from the Product Showcase menu bar. Complete the form with as many product details as possible and click the 'Browse' button to upload a picture from your hard disk.
  • To provide a 'quality of goods' scale to assist companies in Ghana to widen their market and provide reassurance to customers.
  • To prepare Ghana's new global supply base for international trade.
  • To provide effective supply chain management and logistics services.
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Help :: Payment Section PAYMENT
Paying for services on Akoma Trade.com
Online Payment Details

Paying by Credit Card :

You can use your credit card to make payments online using worldpay or paypal.
Offline Payment Details

Payments with Wire or ACH Transfer:

Contact your bank for specific information about arranging a wire transfer from your bank directly to Akoma Trade.com

  1. Make transfer payable to Akoma International (UK) Limited and include your Company name and Email Address in the Reference area of the payment.
  2. Provide your bank with the following information below:

    Beneficiary/Recipient Name:

     Akoma International (UK) Limited

    Recipient Address:

     13 Pittar Street


    DE22 3UN
    United Kingdom



     Lloyds TSB
     43, Iron Gate
     Derby, DE1 3FT


    Sort Code




    SWIFT number (U.S. or Int'l):



    Account number:



     Provide amount of transfer.

    Reference :

      Company name and Email Address


Payments by cheque (UK Only)

Make cheques payable to Akoma International (UK) Limited .
Be sure to include your Company name and Email Address on the back of the cheque.

Mail cheque to:

Akoma International (UK) Limited
13 Pittar Street
DE22 3UN.
United Kingdom

Please feel free to contact us if any problem regarding payment at support@akomatrade.com

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