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Product Details
 Company : Shenzhen Autosecu Technology Co.,LTD.
Product Name : CDMA Wireless Security Alarm(ATS-3333C- )
Brand Name :   Place of Origin : China   Sample Available
Unit Price :   Price Terms : FOB      
Product Description :

ATS3333C introduction

Large LCD with blue backlight

Chinese reveal

Calling reveal, looking for the dialed calls/missed calls

Industrial CDMA 800 module

Display date, time, signal and battery

Alarming function

Backup battery

With the function of locking card

Offer any software functions you need

alarm outstanding features:- ;

1) anti-burglar- 5306;it will alarm as soon as send alarm signals when intruder enters in.

2) anti-theftʍ- 06;it will send the alarm signals when intruder come in

3) help:the older and the children could ask for help when accident and sudden illness

4) fire:it will fire alarm when the smoke fire detector detect the over-thickness of the smoke

5) Prevent the flammable gas from being poisoned: it can detect the revealing of gas such as the coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, call the police in time:

6) The whole auto-alarm: Once take place alert feeling, host computer automatic circulation dial telephone of setting up, such as network, report to warning centre, or pronounce the pronunciation alarm signal

7)Remote Monitor: it can monitor and judge the on-the-spot sound in the room immediately after putting through the alarm call, in order to take action.

8) The remote control of strange places: The host deploys troops on garrison duty or withdraws a garrison etc. to operate to the host computer in the house in the strange place through the mobile phone or telephone remotely. Also can distribute, defend with , for example people sitting room withdraw a garrison at home, balcony window deploy troops on garrison duty.

specificatio- n:

Working frequency range: CDMA800MHz (CDMA2000 – 1X)

Environment temperatureA- 306; -10C~+50C

humidityA- 306; 10%~95%

working voltage: 5V

standard package:

1. one main unit

2. one antenna

3. one wireless door magnetic detector

4.two remote controllers external siren(110~120 dB) power adapter pc of instruction

8.Optional sensor: wireless smoke detector, gas leakage detector, vibration sensor, siren with strobe

light, flashing siren, and sensors as we selling

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Shenzhen Autosecu Technology Co.,LTD.

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