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Product Details
 Company : Shanghai Ever Laser Technology Ltd.
Product Name : CO2 Laser Engraving And Cutting Integrated Machine
Brand Name : ELT   Place of Origin : China  
Unit Price : 1   Price Terms : FOB      
Product Description :

1. Easy in operation, standard USB interface, transmit data at high speed.

2. Software directly controls the speed and laser power via control panel. Also Support off-line work

3. Super thick steel plate, durable optical lenses, well-equipped optical system, stable laser power, long service life.

4. Driven by high-grade step motor, use DSP control technology can achieve fast continuous curve cutting.

5. Cut cross section is smooth and flat. Cutting parameters can be set by layer.

6. The forward door and backward door can be opened, so the super-long materials can be processed.

7. Special optical system makes cutting more vertical and smooth.

8. Air compressor provides compressed air to assist the engraving/cutti- ng.


Apply to engraving and cutting of thin piece of non-metal, such as: acrylic, bamboo, wood, paper, double color board, plastic, leather, fabrics, ceramic, rubber, etc.

Widely be applied in many industries, such as: crafts, wooden artwork and gift box, crystal nameplate, certificate and agency badges, signets engraving, portraits and pictures engraving, organic glass, double color board engraving, leather decorating and cutting, stone engraving for parks, automotive instrument panel, automotive nameplate.


Model E7050 - E9060 E12060 E1- 4090

Working area(L*W) 700*5- 00 mm 900*600 mm 1200*600 mm 1400*880 mm

Laser power 45W/60W 6- 0W/80W 60W/80W - 80W/100W/120W
Machine size (mm) 1200*780*1- 060 1400*1040*1- 120 1700*1040*1- 120 1900*1300*1- 220

Net weight 180KG 25- 0KG 270KG 350KG-

Max Gross power 500W 1350- W 1500W 1500W
Resolution ratio <0.025 mm

Minimum Character Chine- se character 2*2 mm, English letter 1*1 mm

Engraving speed 0~1200mm/- s

Cutting Depth(PMMA) 20m- m (60W), 25mm (80W), 30mm (100W), 35-40mm (120W)

Scanning Precision 0.025- mm (1200dpi)

Power Supply AC220V±- 10% 50Hz

Format support BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, PLT, AI, TGA, DXP, etc.

Cooling system water cooler

Laser Tube Type sealed-off CO2 glass tube 10.6um

Working Table honeycomb cutting table / grill platform

Auxiliary equipments Exha- ust-fans, Air-exhaust pipe

Interface st- andard print port and USB port, compatible with Win2000/XP

Software ETL Laser8.0


Automatic lift platform can be regulated up and down according to materials of different thickness

Torque Rotary Device To be used to engrave shapes with curving surface, such as a column

Red dot laser pointer Project- s a visible red laser dot that allows users to precisely position materials on the engraving table.

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Shanghai Ever Laser Technology Ltd.


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