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Product Details
 Company : J. A. Momin & Sons Co., Ltd.
Product Name : UPC TEMPCOAT
Brand Name : UPC TEMPCOAT   Place of Origin : Thailand  
Unit Price : Upon Request   Price Terms : FOB      
Product Description :
UPC TEMPCOAT, ceramic coating, is an innovation from Japan. UPC TEMPCOAT is manufactured in Thailnd but the raw materials are imported from Japan and USA.

UPC TEMPCOAT helps resisting the heat from entering into the building and works far much better than typical fiberglass insulation.

It is an environmental friendly product, non toxic, water based as well as inflammable. It helps in saving the energy and lower the electricity bills.

93% of heat from solar radiation reflected due to unique ceramic components.

HIGH reflectance, HIGH emittance as well as VERY LOW conductivity value.

Significantl- y LOWER roof or wall temperatures means reduced thermal stress from expansion and contraction (the cause of most roof and seam failures), \"curling\" of siding.

REDUCE thermal shock and heat penetration by keeping roof surfaces much cooler in summer weather.

REDUCE maintenance expense associated with roof repairs since the temperature of the roof itself will drop around 15-20 degree Celsius.

BRIDGE hairline cracks.

Radiant Heat is reflected NOT absorbed by Roof (unlike other insulation which will be installed under the roof) and Wall, NOT retained inside building

REDUCE AC operating costs (significantly lower power bills) and

REDUCE load on AC equipment (less maintenance).

REDUCE noise transmission. Ceramics beads and rubbers mixed inside dampens and buffers sound


HIGH elasticity.

MOLD RESISTANCE. It is extremely difficult for mold to grow due to mold resistant chemicals mixed inside.

ODOR reduction. Ceramics mixed inside absorb and break down various odors as well as smoke particles.

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