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Product Details
 Company : Total-cn Tools Co., Ltd.
Product Name : Hole Saw, Bi-metal Hole Saw, HSS Hole Saw
Brand Name :   Place of Origin : China   Sample Available
Unit Price :   Price Terms : FOB      
Product Description :
TOTAL-CN TOOLS CO., LTD. is producing drills, drill bit, Twist drill, HSS drills, cobalt drills, DIN338 straight shank twist drill, DIN1897 straight shank stub drill, DIN340 straight shank long twist drill, ASME ANSI straight shank twist drill, jobber length drills, screw machine length drills, DIN345 taper shank drill, extra long twist drill, carbide drill bit, taps and dies, taps, metric taps, screw tap, thread tap, machine taps, hand taps, straight fluted taps, spiral fluted taps, spiral point taps, nut taps, taper thread taps, thread forming taps, straight pipe taps, taper pipe taps, pulley taps, single pass ACME taps, single pass combination drill and taps, jumping thread taps, ISO GB series taps, ASME ANSI B94. series taps, DIN series taps, round dies, taps and dies set, HSS screw tap, dies, machine dies, thread dies, round thread dies, adjustable round dies, hexagon dies, tap wrench, Center drill, double end drill, combined drill, countersinks, carbide center drill, Rotary files, Carbide Rotary Burrs, file rotary, dental rotary files, dental rotary burrs, dental rotary burs, rotary burs for dental, cosmetic rotary burrs, end mills, Milling cutter, HSS milling cutter, keyway end mills, carbide milling cutter, carbide end mills, metric carbide end mills, cobalt end mills, hss end mills, metric end mills, carbide coated milling cutter, solid carbide double end mill, HSS step drill, step drill bit, Reamer, solid carbide reamer, machine reamer, hole saw, hole saw kit, carbide hole saw, wood hole saw, T.C.T. hole saw, metal hole saw, HSS hole saw, bi metal hole saw, glass hole saw, concrete hole saw, hole saw arbor. PLEASE VISIT WWW.TOTAL-CN.CO- M TO FIND DETAILS.

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Total-cn Tools Co., Ltd.


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