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Product Details
 Company : Akoma Trade (GH) Limited
Product Name : Copra
Brand Name : EBAN   Place of Origin : Ghana   Sample Available
Unit Price : Negotiated   Price Terms : FOB      
Product Description :
Copra is dried coconut albumen.

The flowering of the coconut palm results in drupes, which are green fruit growing in bunches of 5 or 6 in the axils of the tree: each fruit in turn contains 5 or 6 nuts. The nuts are surrounded by a dense fibrous husk 5 to 15 cm thick, called the pericarp.Under the husk, there is a very hard, thin brown kernel containing the albumen, a milky white liquid known as coconut milk, which is transformed into flesh as the fruit matures. This is the substance of which coconut, or copra, consists.

Uses of copra

"L'Huilerie de Tahiti" transforms copra into crude oil and oil cakes.Most of the crude oil is exported. A small proportion is refined at the plant for use in the manufacture of "monoi de Tahiti", a traditional skin care product; whereas the oil cakes, which are used as fodder for cattle and poultry, are mainly intended for the local market.

Coconut oil is mainly used in the food processing industry, in the manufacture of margarine and vegetable fats (such as coconut butter), where it often undergoes partial hydrogenation. Coconut oil is also widely used in the soap-making industry, mainly because of the lauric acid it contains, which gives soap excellent foaming properties.

The cosmetic sector of the copra trade produces monoi de Tahiti.This is a remarkable skin and hair care product which was officially recognised as an "original trade mark" in 1992. In Europe, it is commonly used as an ingredient in moisturising sun tan lotions and skin lotions.

Oil Content: 45-75%

Moisture Content: 5% Maximum at Shipping

Aflatoxin: 15 PBB

Survey Conducted by: SGS Ghana

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