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Company Details

Contact Information                     [Manufacturer]
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#2shandong Road.
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Business Information
Industry Focus Food Ingredients
Business Type Manufacturer
No Of Employee
-No data-
Annual Turnover
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Key Clients
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Key Services
CLAs,fish oil,calcium carbonate; calcium citrate;
L-carnotine;- R-glycidol;ferr- ous sulfate;grape seed extract. 

Business Overview

Fund in 1993.Qingdao FTZ united international Co,.Ltd is sepciailly in manufacture&tra- de food additives and nutrition food,function food and so on, we have our own GMP factory&storage to assure the prodcuts are qualified.Also we use HPLC,GC,ICP-MS and other ways to confirm our product before we offer our produts to the clients all the world. We have got the certificates needed for export, such as:ISO9001, KOSHER and HALA and so on.

Hope we can cooperate friends of the world.

Fatty acids

Congjugated linoleic acid;Congjugate- d linoleic acid ethyl ester;Congjugat- ed linoleic acid triglycrides;Co- ngjugated linoleic acid microcapsule;Co- ngjugated linoleic acid capsule

Calcium congjugated linoleic acid;Medium chain triglycrides conjugated linoleic acid-feed grade;EPA&DHA concentrates;co- njugated linoleic acid-methyl ester.

Fish oil ethyl ester;Fish oil triglycrides;Fi- sh oil microcapsule;Fi- sh oil capsule

Borage oil;Hemp seed oil;Evening primrose oil;Pumpkin oil Rice bran oil ;Fish protein&collage- n ;Arachidonic acid (AA) ;Seabuckthorn oil Perilla oil;taurine

plant extracts:- ;

Grape seed extract ;Pine bark extract;Appleex- tract;Green tea extract;Allium peta extract ;Cactus P.E. ;Bitter melon extract ;Ginkgo Biloba PE;Ginseng extract ;Garcinia cambogia PE ;Apple Cider Vinegar Powder ;Oyster extract; Rosemary extract ;Phosphatides;R- utin; Licorice root antioxidant; Luo-han-guo extract ;Tribulus Terrestris ;Garlic PE 2%.

MineralsA- 306;

calcium carboante(powde- r&granule) ;biological calcium carboante(powde- r&granule)

magnesium carbonate ;Potassium carbonate ;calcium citrate(powder&- granule)

zinc citrate ;magnesium citrate ;potassium citrate ;sodium citrate;Ferric citrate ;Manganese citrate;Ferrous citrate;calcium citrate malate(powdr&gr- anule);calcium acetate;zinc acetate ;sodium acetate ;magnesium&calc- ium acetate ;magnesium acetate ;ammonium acetate ;zinc lactate ;calcium lactate ;Ferrious lactate;Magnesi- um lactate

L-Carnitine USP/EP L-Carnitine L-Tartrate Acetyl-L-Carnit- ine HCl ;L-Carnitine Hydrochloride;L- -Carnitine Fumarate L-Carnitine Feed Grade ;Propionyl L-Carnitine HCl L-Carnitine Orotate ;DL-Carnitine Orotate ;

Feed aditives:

Chromium Picolinate; Chromium Polynicotinate; Cupric Chloride,Basic; Copper Methionine; Zinc Methionine; Ferric Methionine; Calcium Iodate; Cupric Sulfate;zinc sulfate; Manganese Sulfate;ferrous sulfate;magnesi- um sulfate; Cobaltous Chloride; Calcium Selenite; De-fat fishmeal; diludin; Ureaphosphate; Calcium phosphate monobasic ;Dicalcium phosphate;Calci- um phosophate tribasic ;Zinc oxide ;Active calcium ;Oxide calcium

Oxide magnesium

Chiral Compounds

R&S)-EpiChlo- rohydrate

(R&S)-3-Chlo- ro-1,2-Propaned- iol

(R&S)-Glycid- ol

(R&S)-Glycid- yl Tosylate

(R&S)-Glycid- yl Nosylate

(R&S)-Glycid- yl Butyrate

(R&S)-Glycid- yl Acetate

(R&S)-Benzyl Glycidyl Ether

(R&S)-Phenyl Glycidyl Ether

(R&S)-Methyl Glycidyl Ether

(R&S)-Trityl Glycidyl Ether

(R&S)-1,2-Pr- opanediol

(4)-Chloro-3- -Hydroxybutyron- itrile

(R&S)-3, 4-Dihydroxybuty- ronitrile

(R&S)-3, 4-Dihydroxybuty- ric Acid

(R&S)-3- Hydroxy-Gamma-B- uyrolactone

(R&S)-Methyl- -4-Chloro-3-Hyd- roxy Butyrate

(R&S)-Ethyl-- 4-Chloro-3-Hydr- oxy Butyrate

(R&S)-Methyl- -4-Cyano-3-Hydr- oxy Butyrate

(R&S)-Ethyl-- 4-Cyano-3-Hydro- xy Butyrate

Company Profile

-No data-

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