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Valid Till: Mar 7th, 2014
Company : K & R International [India]
Details: K&R International - - One Stop Source- For AUTOMATIC AND- SEMI-AUTOMATIC FILLING AND- PACKAGING MACHINES. K & .....more
Valid Till: Jun 21st, 2010
Company : Ganpati Heald & Spares [Ghana]
Details: wirehealds, roppel pulle- wheel,stopper rollers,concoid- roller,pusher- wheel,bandage,swinging- lever,warp- tensioners,eyelets,ceramic- thread guides and others for- all .....more
system to pack liquid products (Model LX-06 )  
Valid Till: Dec 23rd, 2009
Company : Labh Group of Companies-Label- ing Machines [India]
Details: Fully automatic form, fill and- seal pouch packing machine- with advance piston filler- system to pack liquids like- Shampoo, Hair oil, Cooking- oil, Alcoholic drink, Jui.....more
stem (Model LX-604)  
Valid Till: Dec 19th, 2009
Company : Labh Group of Companies-Filli- ng Machines Division [India]
Details: Semi automatic, advance- electronic load cell based,- weigh-metric filling machine- with advance auger filler- system to fill various powders- like Flour, Spices, Milk- p.....more
Valid Till: Dec 11th, 2009
Company : AKSA Power Generation (Changzhou) Co.,Ltd [China]
Details: 50 Hz, 3-phase, 1500 rpm,- 230v/400v 60 Hz, 3-phase,- 1800 rpm, 220v/380v *Power- coverage: 12kVA-1100kVA- *Both open set and- sound-proof canopy or ISO- container.....more
Valid Till: Nov 7th, 2009
Company : Qiangli Pneumatic Machinery [China]
Details: (1)hand-hold pneumatic rock- drill:YO18,Y19A,Y24,Y26,QJ15 (2)air- leg pneumatic rock- drill:YT23(Atlas- Copco7655),YT23D(Atlas Copco- 7655D),YT24,YT27,YT28,YT29A.- Origi.....more
Valid Till: Oct 16th, 2009
Company : Labh Group of Companies [India]
Details: Vacuum batch cooker to cook- the Candy mass and remove- moisture from- it. Specifications Batch- Capacity : 45, 65, 100- Kg. Batch Time : 20-25- minute Working Steam-.....more
Valid Till: Oct 11th, 2009
Company : Labh Group of Companies [India]
Details: Introduction: Candy or- Sweet is the most popular type- of confectionery over the- world, and there is certainly- something about this unique- product that holds many-.....more
Valid Till: Aug 29th, 2009
Details: PET bottle blow moulding- machine to make mineral water- bottle, shampoo bottle,- washing bottle, edible oil- bottle, wine bottle, pharmacy- container, milk bottle and- o.....more
ng sweets  
Valid Till: Aug 19th, 2009
Company : Labh Group of Companies- Confectionery Plant Division [India]
Details: Labh Group an ISO 9001 2000- certified Indian company has- presence in more than 75- countries worldwide. As per- the requirement, we provide- turnkey projects or individ.....more
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