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Valid Till: Sep 20th, 2009
Company : Chanhkhang Frozen Net Rice paper [Vietnam]
Details: Chanh Khang specializes in- agricutural and foodstuff- processing trading and- exporting. Our main- products: Frozen net spring- roll rice paper Vietnam long- grain wh.....more
Valid Till: Aug 1st, 2008
Company : Prepsuna Exim [India]
Details: Tshirts,textiles,jams,pickles,food- items and herbal cosmetics and- shampoos and oils at the- lowest prices ever in- India. Buy at the- earliest,before the prices- rise......more
Valid Till: Mar 17th, 2008
Company : Chanhkhang Spring Roll Rice Paper [Vietnam]
Details: Chanh Khang is the- Manufacturer and exporter of- Banh da nem, banh trang,- spring roll wrapper, summer- roll wrapper. We have super- thin and normal. The size in- form.....more
Valid Till: Mar 1st, 2008
Company : sinochem hebei corp. [China]
Details: We manufacture and export- tomato paste brix 36/38% cold- break and 28/30% hot break and- cold break with packing in- aseptic bags in conical iron- drums and also small p.....more
a, Star Aniseed, Chilli, Ginger, Turmeric...; Gum Rosin - Our email: tphtrading@fpt.- vn  
Valid Till: Feb 12th, 2008
Company : TPH TRADING CO., LTD [Vietnam]
Details: Dear Sir, We are pleased- to know your esteem name. We- would like to take this chance- to introduce ourselves. - Thinh Phuong Hien Trading- Company Limited (short.....more
Valid Till: Aug 9th, 2007
Company : Chanhkhang Cinnamon Trading [Vietnam]
Details: Vietnam is one of the best- sources for high quality- Cassia. Price of Vietnam- Cassia is fairly high in- comparison with other country- sources. That is cause of- high.....more
Valid Till: Jun 16th, 2007
Company : VEGETEXCO VIETNAM [Vietnam]
Details: Grade: Fine and medium of new- harvest crop June 2006.- Specifications: Packing:- Inter PE bag and 3 layers of- craft paper and outer PP bag- of 50 kgs net each.- Gw:.....more
Valid Till: May 26th, 2007
Company : Deyang Huatai Biopharm Resource Co.,Ltd [China]
Details: Deyang Huatai Biopharm- Resource Co.,Ltd. a leading- manufactuer and supplier of- bulk Herbal Extracts and- Nutritional- Supplements/Ingredients in- China. Our products .....more
Valid Till: May 18th, 2007
Details: DAHONG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. is- an Food additives enterprise- based on food chemicals- production and oriented by- trade. Now we engaged in- producing and marketing of: .....more
Valid Till: Mar 27th, 2007
Details: Dear Madam, - INTRODUCTION: HUIZHOU- GUOPENG COLOR PRINTING COMPANY- LIMITED I kindly wish to- introduce myself to you as- Lance Pang, Business Manager- in Hu.....more
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