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Delicious Seafood "There Is Nothing Like Good Seafood"
Business Type: Trading Company
keyservices: Importing shrimps, lobsters and crabs and selling to supermarkets in the UK.
  Business Overview  
  The business has recently been set up and am looking to team up with exporters in various countries to forge a profitable partnership.... more Ltd
Business Type: Export/Import
keyservices: all
  Business Overview  
  export and import to \ from israel... more  
Galaxy Exports International "“Creative Evolution Is Fundamental To Human Life And Also To Global Business And Trade.”"
Business Type: Export/Import
keyservices: Fish,Sea foods from Mauritania/othe- rs.
  Business Overview  
  Galaxy Exports International (G.E.I) is an established and an internationally recognized name in Global Business and Bilateral Trade.

G.E.I was founded in 1993 and is promoted by a group ... more
Viet Delta Corp "Pangasius Fillet And Dried Seafood From Viet Nam"
Business Type: Distributor/Wholesaler
keyservices: Dear Sir&Madam,

We are very glad to write to you this letter.

We are the leading exporter of seafood in Viet Nam. We export many kinds of seafood such as: pangasius fillet, squid, cuttlefish, anchovy, mackerel, shrimp, mahi mahi, cuttlefish tube, canned tuna and canned sardine... Our products are high quality with reasonable price and suitable to many customers.

If you have any interest in our products, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We hope that we can cooperate together and keep our relationship long.

We look forward to your reply soon.

Best Regards,

Bich Thuy (Export Agent)
Vietdelta Industry Corp
Email:thuydoanb- Please CC:bichthuy@vde-
  Business Overview  
  Dear Sir&Madam,

We are very glad to write to you this letter.

We are the leading exporter of seafood in Viet Nam. We export many kinds of seafood such as: pangasius f... more
Business Type: Export/Import
  Business Overview  
  Brief History of Business: This is our family business, since 1957. The company’s founder father Late Mr. Devchand Raghubhai Bhagat has laid a strong foundation of our firm.

Proprie... more
Diep Le Seafood Co., Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer
keyservices: Pangasius, Basa, Swai, Fish fillet
  Business Overview  
  With over 5 years experience in processing and exporting Pangasius Hypophthalmus, we are proud to bring the best quality and the most resonable price to our esteemed company. Our products are processe... more  
Business Type: Manufacturer
keyservices: Pangasius Hypophthalmus and cephalopods
  Business Overview  
  Dear Sirs/Madam,

We, DIEP LE SEAFOOD Im-Ex Co.,LTD has over 5 years experience in processing and exporting Pangasius fillet and cephalopods in Vietnam. Our products are processed under th... more
Rubystock Fisheries "Number Uno"
Business Type: Manufacturer
keyservices: Packaging: fresh, frozen, flash frozen, smoked, dried or canned.
  Business Overview  
  Rubystock is capable of supplying 34 species of fish, crustaceans and mollusks worldwide.... more  
Kingmax Seafood Limited(kingmax- Seafood@hotmail- .com)
Business Type: Export/Import
keyservices: frozen seafood,tilapia- ,catfish,monkfi- sh,squid,shrimp- ,Illex,Todarode- s,Pacific squid,Batrami,l- oligo,baby squid,hake,tila- pia fillet,red fish,yellow fin sole,mackerel,<- br /> pollock,cod,- seabass,eel fish,Tilpaia Mossambica,Loph- ius Litulon,Lophimu- s Setigerus,Lateo- labrax Japomcus,sebast- es alutus,Limanda aspera,scombero- morus niphonius,scomb- er japonicus,Angui- lla Anguilla,Anguil- la Japonica,Lophiu- s Litulon,Lophimu- s Setigerus,Merlu- ccius hubssi,merlucci- us productus,Lolig- o Chinese,Loligo Japonica,Oreoch- romis Niloticus,Gadus Morhua,Gadus Macrocephalus,I- ctclurus Punctatus,Thera- gra Chalcogramma,Pe- naeus Vannamei,Soleno- cera Melantho,scombe- romorus niphonius,scomb- er japonicus,china seafood,china fish,farm fish
  Business Overview  
  Kingmax Seafood Limited mainly export products: tilapia fillets\GS whole round,GGS whole round , APO fillet, cod fillet\loin,scallop adductor \half shell,shrimp products:cooked and frozen,squid tube\T... more  
Seahath Canning Company "Largest Manufacturers Of Canned Food In India"
Business Type: Manufacturer
keyservices: canned sardines, canned mackerel, canned tuna
  Business Overview  

We at SEAHATH CANNING COMPANY are the largest manufacturers of canned
fish in India. We Process mainly canned sardines, mackerel & tuna in different varieties l... more
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